13 Habits for Career Success

13 habits for career success

Written by CareerNet Nation

March 10, 2023

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13 Habits for Career Success

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But, first a brief announcement

Aloha Friday CareerNet Nation! Quick Announcement!

It’s Friday, the 10th of March 2023. 

We have your back. We are seeking to make you better. By way of example, we will be launching our quick help video series soon. It will be a combination of long form and short form videos on our site, on YouTube and of course Tik Tok as long as that remains a legal site. Each created to give you instant career upgrades. Watch it during your commute. During Hulu commercial breaks. Scrolling your feeds while you procrastinate getting out of bed to start your day. Look out for that announcement. 

Ok now for the blog

The 13 Habits


In our all-hands staff meeting Tuesday morning, an important concept came up. What are the things that we don’t teach that our successful candidates do every day? What are their habits?  

So, we polled them. You may be sick of reading these kinds of lists. But they provide answers and insights that answer that question that we all ask ourselves: 

“Why are they getting the jobs they want and why am I not?” 

The answers may surprise you

These are not the habits of Successful People.

These are not the famous Stephen Covey Habits of Highly Successful People

Although those are pretty solid too.

These are the new 13 Habits for Career Success by people who were once where you are today. Seeking that great Career.

Honestly, none of us needs another habits list. Unless its a good one that is also managable. One that you can pick and choose from – because lets face it, you would need to restructure your life entirely to do them all right away. Pick the ones that suit you, and add new ones from there.

And don’t worry, this is CareerNet Nation. You won’t get unmanagable lists like the 100 habits for success or the 50 habits of successful people, or even the 30 habits of successful persons.

To get to those numbers you’ll need to have a bunch already or cheat. Which of course is cheating yourself.

Like we said, maybe start with 5 habits of successful persons or even 3 habits of a successful person.

Just understand the value in the habits below comes from CareerNet Nation. People just like you.

Ok here they are:

Here is the list of 13 habits and brief descriptions. Have a great weekend! 

  1. Swallow your pride. You don’t know everything. You will make mistakes. It’s ok. 
  2. Don’t listen to people who doubt you
  3. Read. Read journals, business news. Wired. Forbes. Bloomberg. Mac World. PC World. Inc. 
  4. Don’t Drink so much. Get enough sleep. 
  5. Schedule Everything. Use the apps on your smartphone. 
  6. Write things down. Throughout your day, like a career or workplace journal.
  7. Leverage what makes you unique.  
  8. Hang out with people you want to be like.  
  9. Always spend time learning things. How to better use a computer or an app is an easy start. 
  10. Listen. Do not anticipate or prepare a quick response. 
  11. Pay from your cash account. Not with credit. 
  12. Recognize it’s a marathon. It’s not a short race. 
  13. Exercise every day. A 30-minute walk to work, 10 minutes of yoga or spin bike counts too.  

We’ll write about how they got that killer job when others didn’t next week.

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