Courses that Build Careers

Learn with intent. Intent to upgrade your Career.

CareerNet Nation has a singular goal.

To get you to that perfect career.

We are here to help.

These courses teach or confirm skills companies are looking for.

Get hired by one of our Company Clients and we’ll refund your course fees.

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Skills that Build Careers

It’s our job to get you the training you need to develop your skill set and prepare you for that next great job.

New skills and learning development is a key step towards your real goal. That next great job or career.

Only CareerNet Nation offers training that leads to new job opportunities.

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We offer self-guided training with the following promise:

When your completed training leads to a job placement with one of our Company Clients, we refund your training costs.

That’s training with purpose.

  • Our course list is small and we are proud of this fact.
  • We only offer courses that matter in today’s job world.  We build careers.
  • If your current company isn’t offering you the training you need to advance your career and keep you competitive in this fast moving economy, tell them to call us.
  • Bring some motivation, get that job with a CareerNet Client and we’ll refund your course costs.
Skills with a purpose Career Courses CareerNet Nation

How are we Different?

How we do it.

  • We’ve been creating courses, designing training, and training employees and workforces for more than a decade.
  • We’ve designed learning systems and courses with world class career education and training partners.
  • We deliver our courses to multinational companies and organizations seeking to improve the productivity of their current and future employees.
  • Our courses actually work to improve your skills or fill a skills gap so you get that job you are looking for.  That’s just one important way we build careers.

How everyone else does it.

Big box course sites, Massive Open On-Line Course libraries (MOOCs) promise career opportunity expansion.


But they rarely deliver.


They believe their advantage is offering 100,000’s of courses to chose from – You need a course on “How to Select Appropriate Courses” just to use them properly.

After paying for and completing a course from these sources, you may have increased your knowledge.

Then you apply for a job requiring those skills only to find out those teaching sources are not trusted by the company.

That’s not how we do it at CareerNet Nation.

Our training promise:

When your completed training leads to a job placement with one of our Company Clients, we refund your training costs.

Why is it important to build a career?

A career plan is a visual plan for your future. It helps you assess your current stage, skills and alternative opportunities.  It helps motivate your growth

Individual courses

$24.95 – $69.99

That’s less than take out

Complete 2 courses, Next one is Free


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