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You change with your experiences. So does your Career Profile.

The truth. Companies ask for cover letters and resumes because they want to know you and your work history better. But with AI, access to newsletters, podcasts and Youtube videos, most resumes and cover letters are the same. They tell companies nothing about you and that leads to bad interviews and worse, poor work experiences once you are hired.

Our Career Profile solves these problems for most of CareerNet Nation members. It’s a 9 step pathway to job application excellence. We email each step and review your submissions each step. We’ll offer advice for improvements or changes.

Whether you take a job with one of our company clients or find a job with someone else, a CareerNet Nation Career Profile makes the difference between a job or career you like and one that you don’t.

Understanding You

Answer a few questions. Open a lot of doors. We match you to companies with people like you.

Small Commitment

20 minutes. Right on your smartphone. Upgrade to premium when you are ready.

A Great Fit

Job success is linked directly to your likes and dislikes. Companies want people who fit their team.

Career Profile

Understanding You

It's important to you and to Companies

You are you. Sure, your skills can change, expand and grow. But the core you, your core values, your motivations, your work style, only changes every few years.

That’s important for employers and you to understand! Most jobs don’t work out because you don’t like the people you work with, or you don’t work the same way they do.

Our JobFit Machine shows you the real you and finds the companies whose people match you. The result? You’ll have greater opportunities to succeed in your next position.

All in 20 minutes on your smartphone.

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Small Commitment

No time like now.

Time. Let’s not waste anymore time. Why does it take so long to do the simple things? Why do surveys and applications only help employers? And why do so few people interviewing you spend time understanding you from your resume or cover letter? There are a lot of reasons, and they all have to do with time.

In designing the Job Fit Machine app, we considered many reasons. But mainly we wanted you to only have to do it one time, and then match it with the profiles employers are seeking to hire.

Employers count on it because it works. You will too.

In 20 minutes, the real you.

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Great Fit by Design

Right, the first time

Most people spend more time finding a great fitting pair of jeans than finding a great fitting career. Those days are over.

Companies need you and have opportunities that fit you better than others.

If you and a company are a great fit, your success metrics grow faster. Things like productivity and deliverables are easier. You only think about making the company better.

Our unique JobFit Machine can bring these opportunities to you. You and the company chose each other with confidence.

It’s worked around the globe in many cultures already. It will work for you too.

Your future is out there. Make it a great fit.