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Your Career. One App. 

We’ll keep it simple. Your job and your career are important to you and your future you. So is your iPhone, your Samsung, your Pixel, your Razor, your Nothing, your OnePlus.

Let’s bring them together and make something great: You.

We are launching our new app soon. Be the first to know.

All registerd CareerNet Nation Members as of July 1st will receive their first year of premium level use at no cost.

All the Features

High value features now, more to come. Career development, Career Planning, Jobs.

Incredible Value

Free to premium, you’ll never feel it’s not worth your time and resources.

Secure & Personal

We work hard to secure your privacy and personal information. It’s only your business.

CareerNet Nation App

All the features, and then more

Careers don't need to be complicated

Current High Value Features:

  • current strategic content
  • industry skills
  • job fit machine
  • work ready skills
  • jobs
  • first access to premium content
  • security

Coming Soon Features:

  • Live Career Networking
  • Members Only Podcasts
  • job alerts
  • job filters
  • proactive job alerts
  • CareerNet Nation Email Address
  • passive recruiting
  • CareerNet Nation badges
CareerNet Nation App

Incredible Value

Free is Great. Premium is Greater

We want you to have a series of great jobs, first opportunities to apply to job openings.  We want you to have a great resume, a great career profile, a set of work ready skills you can count on.  New feature alerts too! We want you to have the tools that put your career in the best position. And, we want you to have them free.

In short, all the tools found in our High Value Features above.

We’ll also be offering a a premium suite which is “almost free.” When launched we will notify our registered members so they have first access and will include all the features listed in our Coming Soon Features set.


CareerNet Nation App

Secure and Personal

Think About it

If you are like most people searching for jobs these days, you are uploading your resume to a job board profile and then applying to dozens, even hundreds of jobs.

Consider for a moment the information on your resume. Name, address, phone number, education background, previous employer information, email address, clubs and organizations you belong to and where they are located. You may as well share your location and contact info with anyone accessing the site.

Anyone looking out for you? Read the fine print.

At CareerNet Nation, you control your information. You can be sure that the jobs offered come from companies that have passed our approval process.

We’ll be adding additional security measures to your secure profile as well. This is your career, your history, your personal information. We respect it when others don’t.