Job Brief:

Full Stack Engineers and Developers at all levels are in high demand. Our client seeks to hire all levels of experience with the following, rigid, pre-qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree with major course work in computer science, MIS, or a related field is required. Equivalent work experience in a similar position may be substituted for education requirements.
  • Full Stack Development experience in Node JS and React JS programming (minimum 3 years experience)
  • Experience with managing non-relational databases using NoSQ

Salary will be above market at each level: 110k – 250K

Job Description:

Designs and develops assigned resources for enhancement and integration of new products and functionality. Performs efficient analysis and thinks proactively in order to ensure full functionality and eliminate processing difficulties. Coordinates and provides in-depth guidance to implementation and testing project plans for new technology and enhancements. Determines design requirements, ensures efficiency, and offers improvement suggestions.

This client is a venture backed, private company led by a respected CEO with 3+ exits.

Essential Duties: 

  • Participate in business meetings to identify objectives and develop a system that will meet the company’s current and future needs
  • Develop a comprehensive and logical test plan for systems using appropriate tools to ensure established standards are utilized
  • Research, design, and develop new or enhanced applications, systems, and programs that meet business or performance improvement requirements
  • Write design and project requirements which may include both preliminary and firm estimates of system requirements, benefits, personnel, costs, timelines, etc., for review by management
  • Test and evaluate system requirements and enhancements, documenting findings for management and recommending solutions
  • Monitor and conduct regression testing in entirety to ensure negative impacts do not result once program alterations are completed; participate in end user acceptance testing, ensuring program alterations and changes meet end user requirements
  • Code program based on system enhancements, modification requests, or new design specifications
  • Continually keep up-to-date on new products, development tools, industry trends, and methodologies for incorporation into system platforms
  • Serve as an escalation point for program support after implementation, which may include additional training, upgrades, or program enhancements


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