Know Your Skills

Knowing what skills you have and what skills you’ll need to apply for jobs is important in a number of ways.


  • You’ll know if you are ready to apply.
  • You’ll know where you need to upskill.
  • You’ll be better prepared to answer interview questions.

Understanding your skills

This page is about you, for you. It’s an important step in your career upgrade process.

Learn where you really are in the process to finding that next great job.

Everyone is unique. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. These short question sets are designed to identify both your strengths and weaknesses for a particular job position.

Want to learn a bit more about “How to know your skills and talents?” Take one of our quick skills tests below.

We will add jobs and question sets regularly.

Why do you need to know your skills?

A clear understanding of your skills and strengths will help you to build your ‘personal brand’, enabling you to market yourself more effectively to potential employers both on paper– CVs, cover letters and/or application forms – and verbally in your interviews.

It’s all about knowing where you are now so that you can prepare yourself for the next great career.

If you provide us with an accurate email address, we’ll let you know the results of your test and offer some ideas to get you to that career upgrade.

Learn the Skills you Need

We think the best way to learn what skills you need is by answering a few questions.

Our questions are based specifically of round 1 interview questions.

In Round One, or first interviews, companies generally want to undersatnd your skill levels to determine your experience and your expertise.

Pick a career path you are interested in and answer a few questions to get a feeling for your level of expertise.

IT Security Level 1

Java Developer

IT Specialist Levels 1 - 2

Accountants Levels 1 - 2

Software Quality Assurance Level 1-2

Software Engineer

Accountants Levels 1 - 2

Software Quality Assurance Level 1-2

Software Engineer

Data Entry Administrator

Call Center Representative

Administrative Assistant

Product Manager

Senior Human Resources Officer

Corporate Recruiter

Why You Are Here

By Internet Search

Some of you may have found us by Google Search! That’s great. Our staff works hard to help motivated people find us by internet search.

Welcome!  We hope that you will find the resources – jobs, careers, guidance, training and skills you need to get there! 

You Applied for A Job

Many of you may have come to CareerNet Nation by applying for one of the positions our company clients are seeking to fill.

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Either way…You Are in the right place.

Need help with Skills for your resume?

Contact us and we can help you with that. We’ll show you how to write about your knowledge, skills and abilities. How to list skills and abilities examples on your resume, how to write skills on your resume, and what skills to put on your resume for a job you want. Many of our company clients will offer your skills assessment test free. Knowing your skills and communicating skills in your resume are important for interview prep.