“What you are thinking about is what you are becoming.”

– Muhammed Ali


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Career Advice

Focused on your ambition, your goals. Our experts provide the pathways you seek.

A Simple System

Simple methods, big results. We’ve created a system for advancement you can trust.

You are no Data Point

You’re a unique individual with unique aspirations. More than just a resume.

Career Advice

Our mission is to upgrade the careers of motivated people using our resources and expertise in recruitment, training, and education.

Our focus is you, the candidate for a job, the applicant for a new position, or the employee seeking a promotion.

Our job is to get you that next great job. To do this we’ve aligned our success with yours.

That’s career advice you can trust.

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A Simple Model

CareerNet has given us a single mandate, to find and develop motivated people seeking better jobs and better careers. 

Then to place these people in jobs with our company clients.

It’s a terrific model. As long term experts in training and developing professionals at all levels, we are well positioned to help you achieve your immediate and long-term career goals. 

All it takes is your commitment to your career growth. CareerNet Nation will show you the way.

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The Career Development System

How do we know more about what makes great employees? We have trained more than 100,000 people for hundreds of jobs. Not just for companies, but for nations too. 

Now, we’ve assembled a system that any motivated person can follow. It’s a system that not only teaches skills in simple ways to learn, but also can determine what parts of your personality are unique and which companies are best suited for your individual traits. 

Our system also identifies the gaps in your resume and skill set. Then gives you the tools to fill them.

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Our System Better by Design

It’s also a system that searches in both directions because once your profile is completed, companies using the CareerNet recruiting system can match you to qualifications and profiles of their current successful employees. It’s all about the thoughtful use of technology to understand people. No AI powered job board does this.

Only people can do this. Algorithms can’t. Because people are not data points. 

The best part? It only takes 30 minutes to change your life.

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