Lessons Learned

New Job, New City Part 8

Seattle Quick recount, today.  I reminisced in my last experience about managing your first holiday after moving away from home—getting back for a visit-- the planning, the logistics, potential stress.   It’s great to see your family and friends again, in the old...

New Job, New City – Holidays

Holidays come fast that first year Time moves swiftly during the first year in your new job, your new city. You feel acclimated in your new neighborhood and comfortable in your role at work. And then you realize that the Holidays are closing in. You hadn’t even...

New Job, New City – Part 6 – Your Inner Jim

 Igained that dayWake Up Call There are certain times, certain things that wake you up.  You didn’t even realize you were half asleep.  Going through life in your new home.  Seattle.  Your buddies back in New Jersey, or where ever your old neighborhood might be. The...

New Job, New City- Part 5- Learning Deeper

Learning Deeper  Six months into my journey, my new home.  It’s October and life is beginning to stabilize.  Spring was a whirlwind—getting to know colleagues, clients, how the office operates as well as a better understanding of the boss’ expectations.    During the...

New Career, New City Part 4 – Learn Stuff!

New Job, New City Part 4 - Learn Stuff. A series by Mark Stevens written about his early career experiences for CareerNet Nation.

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Grit and Your Career. Part 1

A video series discussing Grit and the value of grit in your career. Part 1.

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New Career, New City, Part 3

Always Have a Back-up Plan I arrived at my new home—just like you will.  The four-day journey included an unplanned, extra night at a hotel down the street from my new apartment in Seattle, but I was there.  The extra night gave me some more time to plan the actual...

New Job, New City. Part 2

Have you made the choice, like I did, to accept the job offer, and move across the country? Or, are you still on fence—uncertain as to how you would approach such a task?   I received a lot of advice and direction, of course.  But in the end, you have to take control...

New Job, New City – A Career Life

Congratulations! You received a job offer.  The work is compelling—you put a lot of preparation into the interview. The money is good. The job is a career upgrade. The location is a major city growing fast. So what's your hesitation CareerNet Nation? The business is...

On-Line House Cleaning, Part 4, Twitter

Twitter has become increasingly popular among younger millennials and Gen-Z'ers as they leave FaceBook and its data privacy issues. People love it. We know why they do - both the good and bad of Twitter. Before writing this post, we spoke with a number of our...

Lessons Learned! Skills and Reports from the Career Life!

“I wish some one had told me that.” How many times have you heard this or said these words to yourself? In this series, CareerNet Nation and our guest authors offer practical discussion and solutions to issues and subjects important to our careers that we learned along the way. Think of us a a mentor that wants to share with you the things we learned along the way.

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