Online Clean-Up, Part 3, Instagram Clean-Up

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October 17, 2022

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 If you have ever wanted to k Instagram You is not really Private

Part 3 of The Online Clean-Up Series

It’s no longer a secret. Your Instagram Account(s) are Out There.

Instagram clean-up is important before your job search and when employed.

Anyone who you have:

  • Emailed
  • Friended on Facebook
  • Is friend of a Facebook friend
  • Follows you on Facebook
  • Follows you on Instagram

Also gets notified about your private and finsta accounts (“finsta” means fake – Instagram account).

Pro Hint: That thumbnail picture on your finsta or private account(s) shows up too. So does the description you’ve added to your private or finsta account. Here is an example:

Instagram’s Version of “Private”

We’ve blurred the thumbnail and redacted the handle and certain statements. The point – this is the information available even with a private account. Private is not entirely private.

So click here to open your instagram account in a new window and get started now!

People Looking at Your Resume can Find that other account too!

When you are in the career world or looking to enter the career world and you have applied to jobs using big box job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor – we all have – all your social media accounts popup at some point. Sometimes as suggestions. Sometimes as “You may know’s”.

It’s difficult enough to get that dream job or career start. Don’t complicate it with crazy Instagram accounts you think are private. Sure, the images may be private, but as you can see above, the profile and key data are not at all private.

We strongly suggest that you use Instagram, and all social media, responsibly. Think about what you want the world to see knowing that companies can be touchy about a lot of things.

The Fix

So, what to do about your “private” and public Instagram account? First a note to Instagram (aka Facebook) – Why is it so easy to set up an account and so difficult to amend or change the account information?

This is a bit of a process but hang in there Instagram faithful. In 5 minutes or less you can begin your new Instagram life and show the world your new, Career Minded self(ies).

If possible, we recommend you login to your account by your desktop or laptop. Making changes to your Instagram account on pc or mac may require a few more steps, but it gives you the perspective or view that employers will see. We recommend this.

However, if you are smartphone only, we can show you the way too.

Changing your Instagram Profile Picture or Thumbnail by Mac or PC.

  1. Click or tap on your thumbnail picture to reveal the drop down menu.
  2. Then scroll to Profile and click on it.

Next you will be greeted with the following screen:

  1. Tap the Edit Profile button.

This will bring you to the profile details screen, below.

  1. If it’s time to change that thumbnail picture, click “Change Profile Photo”.
  2. Here is where you change your Bio – which is the description that appears when your public OR Private account is suggested to all those Friends and colleagues.

Great, you did it. Now about those pictures in your public profiles.

Your Instagram Feed Pictures

We suggest the following personal test for editing (removing).

If they are pictures your career colleagues and career network may find questionable, delete them. If you are not sure, delete them.

Definitely delete any of the following:

Pictures of you in a swimsuit.

Pictures of your friends in swimsuits.

Pictures with red plastic cups.

Pictures with alcohol/beer/wine.

Pictures lying in bed.

Pictures with any questionable substances or devices.

Pictures with firearms.

Videos showing any type of reckless behavior – like driving faster than the speed limit.

Pictures showing off your luxury lifestyle. Yes, those too. You are Career Minded now.

Your Followers

Next step: Review your followers in your Public profile. Just as we suggested in our Facebook clean up post, your followers should reflect the friends who are similarly Career Minded (click here to see the FaceBook post).

Let’s each one of us remember that your social media feeds are your brand to the world. They are the quickest way to change your direction and image for the positive. Being Career Minded means you and your immediate family are your priority. You are a member of CareerNet Nation because your Career is a priority. The power to control that priority is in your hands. Use Instagram and all your social media accounts to reflect the new you. You will be amazed with the results.

Change your Profile from your Instagram smartphone app.

This one may seem obvious to Instagram users. Simply take the following step:

  1. Look for the small + mark embedded at 5:00 on your thumbnail. Tap it and upload or take a new picture.
  1. Next tap your new thumbnail in the lower right corner of your smart phone screen and then above your dashboard tap the Edit Profile button.
  2. Finally, change your name and bio to something career minded. People want you to have fun, sure, but they also want to know you are serious about more than just impressing your friends and followers. About things like yourself, your life and yes, your career. It’s time to make your Bio work for you.


Here are a few more helpful links:

How to clean up your Instagram Feed

How to clean up your instagram explore feed

How to clean up instagram reels

These links will not likely assist in cleaning your career minded Instagram account, but they may inspire you to follow more appropriate feeds – like professionals in the career you are pursuing. 

– The CareerNet Staff


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