Online Clean-up, Part 4, Twitter Account Clean-Up

Online Clean-up, Part 4, Twitter Account Clean-Up

Written by CareerNet Nation

October 18, 2022

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Twitter Account Clean-Up, this won’t be easy.

You know it, we know it. A twitter account clean-up is likely a good idea for everyone.

Twitter has become increasingly popular among younger millennials and Gen-Z’ers as they leave FaceBook and its data privacy issues.

People love it. We know why they do – both the good and bad of Twitter. Before writing this post, we spoke with a number of our colleagues Gen – Z and Millennials primarily. Here are a few things they told us:

  • They love the privacy.
  • They love the rapid fire conversation.
  • They love sharing and debating the opinions of friends in the private group chats.
  • That Twitter is designed for smartphone.
  • That Twitter is an on-going often engaging real-time conversation in your pocket.
  • That they can be part of conversations with high-profile celebrities, politicians, athletes and influencers.

Many professionals and students we have spoken with, including the younger CareerNet staff members have a belief that Facebook is the least private platform.

As with all free social media accounts, “privacy” or more accurately “anonymity” is minimal at best.

To our CareerNet Nation members we offer the following advice on using Twitter and a few suggestions on managing your Twitter presence.

(This is Part 4 in an online cleap-up series available here)

First, the positive.

We could not find a member of our staff that does not have a Twitter account. Quick read news, ability to follow celebrities and politicians, ability to learn updates from companies, industry experts, products and services they use, and keeping up with hobbies, interests, and friends. We are certain their are other reasons – these are just the ones our staff reports following. Arguably, when used properly Twitter has value. Twitter also intends to maintain its value to users by publishing and easy to read and understand privacy policy which may be downloaded in the form of a PDF file. CareerNet applauds this effort by Twitter.

Spend 20 minutes reading the Twitter Privacy Policy and you will begin to understand the “do’s and don’ts”, how to understand the settings offered users, and what you can and can not eliminate from your profile. We highly recommend that you do.

Anyway, it’s likely time to clean up your twitter account

Now for the clean-up.

There are a number of 3rd part apps out there that allow you to delete your posts in bulk. Our research suggests that Jumbo is the best choice. It is available on Android and iOS which makes it easy to install and connect to your twitter app with your login info. We recommended it as do by The Verge and Wired Magazine (links to articles embedded). Once installed, there is an excellent set up interface which will offer the opportunity to manage your on-line reputation far beyond Twitter (email security, Instagram, Facebook as examples).

Here is why we think its a good solution:

  • You can determine how far back you want your tweets removed in bulk.
  • There are terrific, fast security checks for your on-line life that are accurate and valuable.
  • It is free at a basic level, inexpensive for its value at a pro-level.
  • (CareerNet Nation does not receive any affiliate fees for the referral, we just like the App, a lot)

Pro Hint: The one issue with Jumbo is delete size limitations. You are only able to delete 3,200 tweets at a time (this is a Twitter limitation not a Jumbo limitation). So you’ll have to play with the time frame you select if you are a big twitter user. If you want to delete more than 3,200 tweets you’ll need to check back in every two or three days after your first bulk delete to see if Twitter’s servers have caught up to Jumbo’s delete request. Once it has, you are able to delete another 3,200 and so on every two or three days more until you have reached your tweet delete goals.

If you are a Do it Your-Self’er

Twitter hasn’t embraced the bulk delete concept within its app as yet. But they certainly let you delete tweets individually. That could take you a bit of time, but the process is simple. Tap your thumbnail in the upper left corner of your open app. This brings you to your account and your tweets. Tapping the three dots to the right of an individual tweet gives you a drop down menu with, including the option to delete a tweet.

We’ve found that there are a number of decent articles out ther that may also be useful:

How to clean up twitter feed

Wired Magazine’s Social Media Clean-Up

How to clean up my twitter following list



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