How to make your soft skills shine.

Pretend you are a recruiter or a hiring manager.  You are busy shuffling through papers all day long. You spend at most 30 seconds looking at each resume. You wonder why your hires are lackluster and do not improve the business. Maybe you look at a LinkedIn...

Dress Code for CareerNet Nation

Dress Code We recently read an article in the New York Times by Vanessa Friedman titled “Hey Silicon Valley, Maybe It’s Time to Dress Up, Not Down”.  It’s a good article that considers the costume of high profile CEOs in the tech world, and makes parallels to the...

Personal Branding for Career Minded People, Part 2

In Part 1 of Personal Branding for Career Minded People we discussed first steps in preparing for a personal branding effort, why it's important, why it is useful, and a few good examples to learn from. In Part 2, we cover a few areas of Personal Branding that will...

Personal Branding for Career Minded People, Part 1

Your Personal Brand is what the World sees when they search for you on the internet. Learn how to own it.

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Personal Branding

A Life Hack that Matters. An upgrade for anyone, anywhere. 

Our lives are both public and private. We live, work, go to school, shop go to movies and restaurants in public. Our lives are also digital. They exist on all forms of social media platforms. Career minded people take steps to manage the way the world sees them in person and on-line. In this series CareerNet Nation seeks to provide thoughtful guidence in developing your indivdual public brand. It’s a valuable skill set in upgrading your life and your career.

Tools and Plans for Your Career

Simply register and you are part of a new generation. A generation that wants to succeed. Wants opportunity. Wants to grow their career and find the jobs that excite them. They want to be an important team member or leader. And they want to know the way to get there.  Soft skills and hard skills. They are equally important in determining how far you will go in your career. CareerNet Nation offers them to you at three levels to match your needs. Yes, they begin with free!

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