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We have been finding and training professionals of all ages and cultures for two decades. We work with small and large companies across the United States seeking career motivated people for long time, career growth opportunities.

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Some people are ready. Some need to learn a few things. Some are looking for their first job. Whichever you are, we have created a pathway that works for everyone willing to follow the steps and put in some effort. It’s a pathway that works, and it’s free. Just follow the steps sent by email and reach out if you have any questions.

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Increasingly, unless you are one of the lucky or privileged few, a career or finding a job can be a difficult prospect.  There is little quality advice or guidance for so many of us, and the businesses are simply posting jobs and collecting resumes. Few get back to you, even fewer let you know why they selected other candidates. That is because they focus on their business first, their customers second, their employees third and new hires last.

At CareerNet Nation we are changing that. We focus on you first. Our tools, content and strategic guidance give you the advantage, or at least an edge in starting or growing your career.

The tools that give any motivated person an equal place to start.

Your time is important. We don’t waste it. 

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Members get all our tools free. Having trained, recruited, hired and placed people in jobs in thousands of positions we understand people of all levels and ages who are seeking new or first jobs. We also understand the companies hiring them.

We’ve created a simple pathway. You follow it and good things happen. But you have to be 2 things to get the tools, guidance and the opportunities. You need to be motivated and you need to be a member of CareerNet Nation.

Members receive not only the pathway, but job opportunities, our “almost” weekly newsletter covering career strategy, lifestyle and personal growth advice, Plus: Current Strategic Content. Our proven Job Fit Machine, Work Ready Skills, CareerNet Nation certification, resume guidance, and personal data control and security. It’s all about you first.