Skills, Skills, Skills

Written by CareerNet Nation

February 28, 2023

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Companies  seek specific skills when seeking new hires? No kidding. This is not a new thing. It’s not even an old new thing. It’s always been a thing. How long? Since forever.  

So why are there so many articles written about Skills these days? 

We’d suggest it’s because companies use ATS as a first line for recruiting and ATS search for key words on resumes – like skills words – when selecting you from the rest of the “Click-to-Apply” crowd.

Take a moment to ponder that statement.

“When you can’t beat’em, join’em” is something our parents’ generation used to say. We’d add a modest adjustment to that. “If you say it, mean it” when making updates to your resume and applying to ATS led HR departments.

The Real 

We’ve been skills champions for a more than decade now. Why? That’s because the CareerNet Companies main focus is one thing:  To improve companies one employee, one person at a time. That simple mantra was the genesis for CareerNet Nation.  

So of course, we will have links to the CareerNet Nation learning platform and associated courses in the list below. 

But if you prefer to take courses from other sources with large advertising budgets. Do it. Updating your career skills section for your resume and career advancement is always a good thing. 

Improving companies one person at a time takes a singular focus. That’s why our qualified candidates get offers and those that are struggling to get that next great job can find the resources here to up their game and profiles. It takes some work, but not as much as you may think when you have the right career partner and the simple steps and path ways to get there.

A bit on our Data and its Sources 

To be sure the pathway and courses are the right one for candidates  we had to actually set the path. We had to Walk the walk. Actually, do the work. But don’t worry, we love this work.

Our information comes from companies, organizations and governments we’ve worked to find and train great candidates plus the 10’s of thousands of people we’ve trained and skills tested, plus the data that comes from our partners whose list of company client’s and skills tests administered is in the millions. It’s not survey data. Our data is real world, in the field, legit!

That makes a big difference.  It’s from this background that we are comfortable making a few immediate recommendations for that lack luster resume skills section we all struggle to fill in.

A bit of self-serving copy 

So here are the skills based upon the tests our known companies and clients used most frequently in the last 6 months. The best part is we make available the actual courses used to train people who don’t achieve a passing score on their skills tests. Some we’ve created for these client companies. Some, we would recommend.

We make them available to you at a price that’s less than take out. Including CareerNet Nation Certification. It’s a great resume builder. Just register here for access. There is a free course too, to get you properly started.  Go create that skills and career plan that is your own. One that you can be confident in putting forward so you get that job or career you really want. 

The Skills List 

If you have them, discuss them in your resume. If you don’t have them, now you can learn them. One last bit, If you decide to click on a link and you haven’t registered with us yet, you’ll be asked to do so.  

In no particular order: 



Modern Communication Skills 



Motivation / Determination 

Sales Skills 

Project Management Skills 


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