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Few People Have Work Ready Skills

Companies expect their people to have a certain set of work skills.

Few schools teach them. We’ve changed that. Our goal is to give everyone the skills so they are not only be Work Ready, but Ready to Succeed.

We believe that everyone can find their niche. That in 3 – 5 years from that new job you can establish financial security, future job security and a lifestyle you choose.

Course 1

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Course 2

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Course 3

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A Single Course Pack

Work Ready, Made Simple

The 5 Work Ready Course pack was wirtten and compiled by our training experts to provide the key work ready skills ALL our comany clients need.

We require they are completed for your membership completion. The Courses run approximately 20 – 60 minutes each. You will receive e-notification for each completed course. You will receive a CareerNet Nation Work Ready E-Badge to display on your smartphone when you have completed the courses. 

1. Communication at Work

2. Working with Others

3. Managing Yourself

4. Organization and Motivation

5. Presenting Yourself

Completing these modules moves you to the top of the candidate lists, yes, but more importantly, gives you new tools, plus confidence in the tools you may already have to meet the needs of employers world wide.

We include 2 bonus courses as well in this library.

Know your skills careernet nation

Smartphone Ready. Just Download the App.

Review, Learn, Grow

We create all our courses for smartphone learning. That’s different than courses that “work on smartphone too”.

The Work Ready course library is free when you register with us.

Our courses are engaging, relevant and easily absorbed. Your upskilling is our goal.

Work Ready Skills

We’ll Track Your Progress. Certify its completion.

New Skills Certified

We track your progress. We are available to answer questions.

When you have completed the courses, you’ll be issued an electronic badge verifying your work ready skills.

Our certified badges are the employer’s proof of your work readiness commitment.

Work Ready

We’ll Track Your Progress. Certify its completion.

Skills for Jobs You Want

CareerNet works with companies seeking employees every day.

We specialize in training young professionals from any background.

If you have a degree or do not have a degree, we can train and certify you to be work ready.

We want you to be ready for your new job. So do our Company clients. With CareerNet certification and a bit of effort, you will be ready to succeed.

While many of our courses have a small fee, we’ll refund your course fees when you take a position with one of our companies. That is our commitment to the future.